Recording session project, mix, sound design, co-production

The aim of our project was to collect music recordings needed for the release of the original album" Emanation - solo trumpet".
The project is at the same time an attempt to answer the question: how space (not only acoustically) affects the musician-improviser...
Is the atmosphere of the place, (where the artist is) can be a source of valuable inspiration?
The acoustic space of the room is an essential element of a larger set of features that are supposed to describe the "emanancy" of the place - the ability to subjectively interact through the atmosphere.

In the described artistic experiment, music has the role of a catalyst and at the same time an indicator of the level of emanation of the studied place. The project consisted of recording variations of a dozen or so melodies for solo trumpet, in various historic buildings of Bydgoszcz.

Selected places differ in their acoustics, but also in architecture, genesis, construction, past and current destiny. These are places where the trumpet (acoustic instrument with high transparency, dynamic range) can sound interesting, bringing out all the nuances of the acoustic parameters of the space.
The performer of improvisation was Wojciech Jachna - improviser, composer, musical ambassador of the region

Wojciech Jachna Emanacje - trumpet solo sessions
Multikulti Project label:

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